A detailed comparative studies about the Rights of a muslim women in Islam & other cultures.

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Islam is the only religion in the world which has given all kind of rights to the women.

Earlier before Islam, the condition of women was pathetic but thanks to modern anti-Muslim media for portraying the false image of Islam and its treatment with women.

Western media has  tried its best to portray false image of Islam but the truth itself  triumphs and no one can ignore the the contribution of Islam to the  women of the society.


The condition of women was far more worse than the worst even after the advent of Islam. With the conquest of Islam and the invasion of territories by the Muslims, Women were getting every kind of freedom that they dream of.

Today, the feminists and the other anti-Islamic people talk about women Rights but they themselves are exposing their hidden agendas.

Even the laws for the women regarding their Rights in the society were formulated in the late 19th and 20th century.

Some of the examples are given below:


Popular for the discrimination and the verna hierarchy, Women were mistreated harshly on the basis of the system of caste.

The people living in India were divided into four sub-castes(Vernas):

Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra where Shudra was the and still it is considered as the lowest caste created by GOD(as their belief) to serve the other three vernas.

The Shudra women  were not allowed to spit on the Ground as the land on which they will  split will become impure and thus they used to hang a vessel or a pot  around their neck to spit in that.

Women  used to roam naked and many Islamic rulers in India like  Aurangzeb(R.A.)& Tipu Sultan were against it and they imposed a law  regarding it.

Dalits forced to roam naked

Dalit women beaten by Upper castes
Dalit women beaten by Upper castes

Their was a norm of Sati  that was prevalent in the Indian society during and before the Mughal  era in which after a death of the Husband, the women was also burnt  alongside her Husband.

The Practice of Sati
Image depicting the Practice of Sati(Sati Pratha)

The Britishers during their reign enacted anti-Sati laws to stop this crime.

Women  were even not allowed to get educated and various social reformers in  the late 19th-20th century during the British era fought for the Right  to education of Women like SAVITRIBAI PHULE & FATIMA SHEIKH fought for the women’s Education Rights.

Savitribai Phule&Fatima Sheikh Women Rformers
Savitribai Phule&Fatima Sheikh

Women  were even not allowed to get educated and various social reformers in  the late 19th-20th century during the British era fought for the Right  to education of Women like SAVITRIBAI PHULE & FATIMA SHEIKH fought for the women’s Education Rights.

The Christian missionaries also worked for Women education & took interest in the education of girls. A girl’s school was started for the first time in Bombay in 1824. The Hunter commission too emphasized on the need for female education in 1881.


Before French Revolution(1789-1799), Women were not treated equal and were not given Rights equal to the Men.

After the conversion of French society into a Democracy from the constitutional Monarchy, Women were not allowed to vote.

It was in the 20th century that women were granted access to voting Rights.

Women were not allowed to get education before & during the French Revolution.

Women were not allowed the guardianship of children and were also not not enjoying any kind of property rights.

Women Revolution in France
Women Revolution in France

Women marching for their Rights in France
Women marching for their Rights in France


The one of the most developed and strong country had got its laws enacted for women in the later 20th century.

Besides this, their are other countries too, where Women suffered a lot.



While the other cultures were still having their laws getting enact in the late 19th & 20th century, Islam provided with all sets of laws for the women 1440 years ago.

No one can match with the Islamic laws and its applicability.

Some of the Laws of Islam regarding I have listed below:

  • And  those who harm believing men and believing women for [something] other  than what they have earned have certainly born upon themselves a slander  and manifest sin.(Al Quran 33:58)                                                                                                                                                                 Islam is against putting false allegations whether it is a women or a men and has strict laws regarding it.
  • Islam is against adultery and grants equal rights to both men & Women                                   If any of your  women are guilty of lewdness take the evidence of four (reliable)  witnesses from amongst you against them; and if they testify confine  them to houses until death do claim them or Allah ordain for them some  (other) way.(Al Quran 4:15)   If two men among  you are guilty of lewdness punish them both. If they repent and amend  leave them alone; for Allah is Oft-returning Most Merciful.(Al Quran 4:16)
  • Islam is against Rape and this is the reason why Islamic countries have no or very few rape cases compared to other Non-Islamic countries
  • Islam is the only religion which offered the women their Right to own the property.
  • Muslim women is not forced to give dowry but instead of it, Mehar has to be offered by the Husband in his lifetime.
  •  Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “Paradise is at the feet of mothers.”                                                                                                                                                          Once a man came to him and asked, “O,  Messenger, who among mankind is worthy of my kindness and love?” The  Prophet answered, “Your mother.” “Who next?” “Your mother.” “Who next?”  “Your mother.” Only after the third time he said, “And your father.” 
  • Though Islam allows to keep 4 wives, but has strictly kept the condition of treating them equally. If a men is not able to treat all her wives equally, then he will be a sinner and bear its own consequences. Thus, it is recommended to marry only one women.
  • “Women have the same rights (in relation to their  husbands) as are expected in all decency from them, while men stand a  step above them.” [Al Quran 2:228]
Image depicting Islamic women

Thus, after the lot of investigation, its a tight slap to the westerners and other anti-Islamic feminists who unknowingly point fingers towards Islam.

Islam had already thought about Women when other cultures & societies which are developed today were still mistreating women up-til 20th century.

May ALLAH help us to die on Islam & DEEN E MUHAMMADI(S.A.W.)


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