Say Alhamdulillah Often

We never realise of our blessings until we lose them. Let's not be foolish like that and thank Allah for those blessings before it's too late.

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Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

As i sit down to write this all of today’s events flash before my eyes. And along with that all the thoughts I’ve had since morning as well. Dreadful with a hint of regret in them. My day was amazing Alhamdulillah but my mood did not quite match with the pace. You might be wondering why? Well then , let me tell you. Even as i am writing this I’m braving a writer’s block accompanied with a blocked nose. Yes! You got it right, I’m down with the sniffles aka Common cold. And what’s worse is I’m traveling. Talk about bad timing. 🤷🏻 So yeah i spent so much of my time complaining and regretting and what not but as i sat on my prayer mat after isha prayer begging Allah to make me better quickly I realized that I’ve always been asking Allah for this or that and the list is endless. But when was the last time I said Alhamdulillah for everything that I already had? I realized how one stupid cold was driving me nuts  but what if i had no nose to breath at all? (No voldemort reference here, mind you) I wouldn’t have existed. Meaning I would have been dead long ago. Not having a nose is far fetched but just think about it even if we were to be missing a finger nail how much pain would we be in. Even an invisible paper cut puts us in agony. Then which of your lord’s favors will you deny? So why is it that we forget to say Alhamdulillah so often? Let’s make it lazim (must) upon ourselves to frequently and consciously say Alhamdulillah while keeping in mind all the blessings of Allah swt upon us. Let’s allot a time just for this purpose so we may not forget. Be it in the night just before bed or in the morning after we wake up or even after every prayer in sha Allah. May Allah make us among the greatful ones. Aameen.

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60 shares, 105 points

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