Importance of sunnah

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The arabic means “Habitual practice”, the practice which prophet did his whole life, there is huge reward if we do it but there is no sin if we do not do it.
For example : our body has sense organ like eyes, ears, nose etc, fardh are like them. Person who doesn’t perform fardh is like person who doesn’t have eyes,ears and hands. We also have some adornments/ beauties like eyebrows, eyelashes,fingers etc. We can live without them however if we have them we will be perfect similarly sunnah is the part of adornment of our lives
Allah said ” there has certainly been for you in the messenger of Allah an excellent pattern for anyone whose hope is in Allah swt and last day”.
Performing sunnah every day increase the love of prophet Muhammad pbuh in our hearts, it is a means to get closer to Allah swt
Let’s remember some of the sunnah of prophet

– use of miswak
– sleeping on right side
-sunnah cupping (hijama)
-sit while eating & drinking
-always speak good or remain silent

Let us all pray to Allah swt that he grant us ability to follow sunnah in our daily life, “Ameen ya rabbi”

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